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Director’s Bio

Francisco Salinas

The Director of Student Diversity and Inclusion

My name is Francisco Salinas and I am proud to serve as the first Director for Student Diversity and Inclusion at Boise State University.  The position was created at the request of students who were seeking to increase the level of influence and consistency associated with diversity efforts on campus.  I was hired to serve in this position in beginning in the fall semester of 2008.  Prior to coming to Boise State University, I worked for Washington State University as the Director for Student Support Services and prior to that I worked at the University of Idaho as the Director of Multicultural Student Services.  I have also worked at Skagit Valley College and Spokane Community College as a Director of Multicultural Student Services.  I have taught classes on a variety of campuses in subjects such as Chicano Studies, American Ethnic Studies and Career Development Courses.  I have served as an advisor to many award winning student clubs and organizations and also have the distinction of serving as the inaugural advisor for the first Latino founded fraternity and the first Latina founded sorority in the state of Idaho.

My philosophy about our approach in the Student Diversity and Inclusion team is rooted in the AACU’s concept of Inclusive Excellence and we live this work through our everyday approach which is captured in SDI’s tagline below:


Rising to EXCELLENCE – We expect excellence of ourselves in our aspirations and in all that we do.  As a team we expect to set the standard in purposeful evolution, design and approach. We set the standard for how we treat one another and for our orientation towards serving the education of students as the primary resource in their independent self-actualization process.  We consider inclusion to be a vital and foundational component of uncompromised excellence.

Guiding GROWTH – We apply our passion and expertise student by student.  We provide infinite encouragement and enthusiasm as the necessary catalyst for students to continue to grow and develop by meeting new challenges, exploring new questions and applying new insights.  Guidance of growth is not direction of growth and it is never properly or primarily motivated by personal gain.

Inspiring POSSIBILITY – We are agents of change in service to students continuing discovery of their own potential and their own ability.  We are agents of change invested in the continuing maturation of our society’s understanding of, commitment to and realization of interactions, institutions and the enterprise of discovery predicated on an absolute commitment to the primacy of human dignity, human potential and human rights.  We believe that all obstacles to the achievement of this goal are obstacles that can be and that are worth overcoming.  We believe that an important part of our role as agents of change is to model possibility to others through our optimism.


Martin Luther King Jr. Living Legacy Committee – Adviser
 The MLK Living Legacy Committee at Boise State University is composed primarily of students and is charged with meeting the following mission (student composed):  To evoke in students a passion for human rights by inviting outside experts to speak, perform, lead workshops and host seminars that integrate Dr. King’s example with the possibility of positive change while respecting the students unique individuality and beliefs.  To learn more about MLK Living Legacy Committee click on this link:

Idaho Inclusiveness Coalition – President 
Currently I serve as the President of the Board of Directors for the Idaho Inclusiveness Coalition.  I have also services am a member of the Executive Leadership Team for the group serving as the organization’s treasurer.  The Idaho Inclusiveness Coalition is a 501c3 organization that consists of both individual members and organizational members.

The Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee (DISC) – Founder and Chair The Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee was formed in the summer of 2013 as a voluntary effort to create an increased level of connection between existing groups engaged in diversity and inclusion work across the Boise State University Campus.  It is an ad-hoc group containing representatives from groups invited by membership to join and coordinate efforts for strategic benefit.  The group believes that there is strategic benefit to remaining informed about one another efforts, challenges, context and possibilities for mutual or collective support.

Mission (as adopted at meeting of 10/11/13) – To advocate, communicate and coordinate for diversity and inclusion efforts at Boise State University at all operational levels.

Vision (as adopted at meeting of 9/13/13) – To promote and support the practices and values of diversity and inclusion throughout Boise State University.

The Cultural and Ethnic Diversity Board, (CEDB) –  Former Chair, Active Member
 The mission of the Cultural and Ethnic Diversity Board (CEDB) is to advocate for under-represented and/or underserved students, faculty, and staff at Boise State University and to advise the campus community on these issues in regard to employment, curriculum, scholarships, and campus climate.  To learn more about the CEDB, click on this link: